Kefan provide chicken manure production line equipment

Chicken manure production line is based on fresh chicken manure as raw material, through a series of processing, production of natural organic. Chicken manure fertilizer equipment mainly include: fertilizer horizontal mixer,belt conveyor,disc mixer,roller extruding granulator machine,seperating screen, drum dryer,package machine.
chicken manure production line
1. Fertilizer horizontal mixer
Fertilizer horizontal mixer has been developed recently and adapts to over 2 kinds of fertilizers and additive fertilizer. It can mix fertilizers fully and uses novelty rotor configuration that can adjust the gap to nearly zero between rotor and shell. The machine can pulverize heave matter and use conveniently.
Fertilizer horizontal mixer


Width: 50mm
Length: 1m
Motor: 4 Kw
2. Belt Conveyor
Belt conveyor used for conveying bulk density less than1.67/t/ cubic meter,easy to dig a powder, granular,small block of low-abrasive materials and bags of materials such as coal,crushed stone,sand, cement,fertilizer, food and so on.
Belt Conveyor  
Width: 50mm
Length: according to users' capacity
Motor: 3Kw
3. Disc Mixer
Disc Mixer is mainly used for the mixing of raw materials. Polypropylene plates lined or stainless steel plate, disk, sticky material. Wear resistance, cycloid reducer, compact, easy to operate, Stir, to facilitate the discharge conveyor.
Disc Mixer Model Diameter(mm) Height(mm) Power(KW)

1600 400 5.5

1800 400 7.5

2200 500 11
PJ2500 2500 550 15
4. Roller extruding granulator machine
Room temperature can be directly material compressing the powder particles, not only to production of urea ammonium bicarbonate ,c hloride, ammonium phosphate , potassium chloride and other materials for the multielement compound fertilizer,and also applies to rare earth magnetic fertilizer granulation, without drying equipment,particle high intensity. Production process with the right materials roller friction coefficient,low temperature.lowenergy consumption, pollution-free, Meanwhile in order to meet users needs, reach small investment and quick benefit, the plant also for users equipped with mixers, mills Bucket Elevator, pole and other fertilizer production of complete sets of equipment.
Roller extruding granulator machine
5. Seperating Screen
Separating Screen Machine is commonly used fertilizer production equipment, maily for products and materials back to the separation but also to achieve the finished grade, make the product even classification using modular screen, ease of maintenance and replacement of the aircraft structure is simple, convenient operation, a smooth operation
Seperating Screen
6. Drum dryer
Drum dryer
7. Package machine
Package machine.Metering Mode: Weighing (with the packing bag) .Packing Weight: 5— 50KG
.Working speed: 100-180bags per hour
.Material connect with the material: stainless steel 304
.Feeding Mode :belt conveyor feeder
.Filling Accuracy: ≤±0.2%
.Sealing Machine: eat sealing machine+ sweaming machine
.Filling Rate: ≥3Bags/min
.Power Supply: 3P/380V(1P/220V according your requirement) 50—60Hz
.Total Power: 3.9Kw. (without the power for the air supply)

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