The brief introduction of production of the organic fertiliz

Bio-organic fertilizer refers to those fertilizers with the advantages of the microbial and organic Fertilizer dealt by the sound treatment and composites of decomposition of organic materials with the microbial and organic residues (such as livestock and poultry manure, crop straw, etc.) as raw materials. How to select the granulation method is the key to the production of bio-organic fertilizer, so according to the different requirements of the production process, the current bio-organic fertilizer granulation commonly contains disc and extrusion granulation . As the different ways of granulation have different requirements of raw materials, so the production process of bio-organic fertilizer exist some differences.the ways to product the bio-organic fertilizer are mainly in the followings:
1. The mixing granulating process with a disk granulator : Raw materials ,after drying to remove a certain amount of water (when drying , the raw materials were sterilized), are sent to be crushed ,add a certain amount of acid-base to adjust the pH of carrier and mix with the inorganic fertilizer evenly, then into the disc granulator.In the process,spraying a certain amount of bacteria into the processing products,the finished products would be discharged after low-temperature drying and screening.

2.The mixing granulating process with an extruding machine: The raw materials which is dried to a moisture content of less than 10%, ,are crushed ,mixed with the acid-base regulating agent, the inorganic fertilizer and the microbial agent,then sent into the granulator to be granulated,finally screened to get the finished products.


3. The process of spraying bacteria after extruding granulation : process is essentially the same as mixing extruding granulation, but the addition of the microbial agent is done after granulation.

4. The mixing process of microbial particles and fertilizer particles after granulation separately :in order to reduce the impact of chemical fertilizers on microbial agents, the first step is the granulation of carrier and fungicide , then the storage in the middle silo, and then the mixing of the carrier and inorganic fertilizer pellets to get the final products.

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