Attention should be paid to the application of biological or

1.Select and use the qualified microbial fertilizer. At present, the quality of biological organic fertilizer products on the market is uneven, and the effect of application is not stable enough. Some products need to be improved and there are more quality problems. We can not use the products that have low quality, high content of mixed bacteria, and effective number of viable bacteria can not reach the specified index.

2.To minimize the death of microorganisms in applying fertilizer. When you dress seeds, you should operation in cool place, avoiding direct sunlight. You should sow seeds in time and covered it by soil immediately. In general, fertilizer can not be used together with harmful pesticides and chemical fertilizer.

3.Create the suitable soil environment. When the soil is too dry, it should be poured water in time. After the rain, the water in the field should be removed in time to improve the permeability of the soil.

4.To promote the application of different microbial fertilizer. Such as the rhizobium fertilizer should be widely used in the leguminous crops. The phosphorus, potassium fertilizer should be applied to the soil microbial potential.

5.Avoid long-term use after opening bag. After opening the bag for a long time, other bacteria may enter into the bag and changes the microbial flora in the fertilizer. So this will affect its use.

6.Avoid the use of high temperature and drought conditions. Microbial fertilizer in high temperature and drought conditions, its survival and reproduction will be affected and can not play a good role. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a cloudy or sunny evening, and combined with covering soil, manure, watering and other measures to avoid microbial fertilizer by direct sunlight.


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