Practical advantages of the application of the organic ferti

Organic fertilizer is an important fertilizer source in agricultural production. Its nutrients are comprehensive and the fertilizer effect is long lasting. It can not only improve the soil structure, promote the release of soil nutrient, but also supply and improve crop nutrition. Superiority, the development of organic agriculture, green agriculture and pollution-free agriculture is important. Application of organic manure is conducive to improving the ecological environment and promoting the sustainable development of agriculture. Increasing organic fertilizer is the county's first choice for agricultural production measures, has been the attention of farmers, in recent years due to increased organic fertilizer more labor, a lot of labor to work and gradually less or not, in this made the following six points application of organic fertilizer The benefits for the majority of farmers in the production of reference.

1.A wide source of raw materials for the organic fertilizer . Some people excrement, livestock dung, poultry manure, soil miscellaneous fertilizer, manure, compost, and green manure. The raw materials of production can take local materials which costs much lower,thus to reduce production costs.

2.Organic fertilizer contains a variety of nutrients,in addition to nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other large elements, but also the amount of elements and trace elements that many crops required , which can provide the necessary nutrients for the crops, While also improve crop quality and palatability.

3.Organic fertilizer can improve soil structure. To coordinate the water, fertilizer, gas, heat in the soil ,to enhance soil permeability and water retention capacity, capacity of keeping and supplying fertilizer and water.

4.the application of organic fertilizer on crop can play a special role on the nutrition physiological and biochemical processes , but also provide carbon dioxide gas for crop purposes.

5.Organic manure can alleviate the soil pH change, can remove or reduce the harm of saline soil to rice.

6.wide applicability of organic fertilizer , for all types of soil and a variety of crops .

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