Notices on the fertilizer application

Organic fertilizer can provide comprehensive nutrition for crops, promote soil microbial reproduction, improve soil structure, enhance soil fertility and fertilizer for buffer capacity, has an important role to increase production . However, the composition of organic fertilizer is complex, which is particularly important in the rational use . Improper application will cause the loss of nutrients, and even water absorption difficulties of the crop root, the occurrence of burning roots, stiff seedlings and so on.

organic manure should be fully decomposed and applied

Some animal excrement such as pig manure and human excrement that are not fermented directly into the soil decomposition, the organic fertilizer without decomposition in the soil that fermented by microbial would produce ammonia which easily lead to crop burned , poisoning, breeding weeds and spreading pests and diseases.

Therefore, we should promote the application after full fermentation,or build the pool for stool fermentation at the side of the crop field , or add water in the composting, sealed with mud to make the temperature to 35 ~ 40 ℃, after 25 to 30 days Can be fermented, high temperature method will be fully manure at 60 ℃ under the conditions of fermentation, can kill pest eggs and weeds within the seed,the fertilizer would be more safe and effective.

application of fertilizer not be too concentrated or too large

Especially in dryland crops, if the organic fertilizer applied directly between rows or crop roots near the dry soil because of water holding capacity is too large around the root concentration, root contact with the fat pile, it will cause crop physiological water loss, the formation of anti- Infiltration phenomenon, the crop not only can not absorb nutrients, but will make the root of the water and nutrient extravasation, crop growth or wilting loss of water and death, emergence of soil nutrient imbalance.

It should be organic fertilizer as base fertilizer, uniform To mix in the soil, so that integration with the soil. Application of organic fertilizer in the growing season, the ditch should be applied to facilities or facilities, after covering soil, must not be sprinkled on the ground. Leafy vegetables are generally not suitable for high concentrations of liquid organic fertilizer for foliar spray.

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