Maintenance of organic fertilizer production equipment

Maintenance of organic fertilizer production equipment is a very important regular work, there should be a closely inspection with the full-time staff on duty.

Ⅰ.Organic fertilizer production equipment maintenance:

1. Bearing

Crusher bear the full load of the machine bearing, so good lubrication has a great impact on bearing life , it directly affects the service life and operating rate of the machine, which requires that the injection of lubricating oil must be clean, sealed must be good.

The main parts that need oil injection:

(1) rotating bearings

(2) roller bearings

(3) All gears

(4) movable bearing, sliding plane.

2.Newly installed tires are prone to be loose which needs frequent check .

3.Pay attention to the working condition of various parts of the machine ,make sure it is normal.

4.Pay attention to check the wearing condition,replace the worn parts in time.

5.Dedust the bottom plane of the mobile device in case the mobile bearing of the machine can not move on the plane when encountered the unbreakable materials.

6.when oil temperature of the bearing increases,it should be stopped immediately to check the reasons and eliminate them.

7. When there is noise of clash in the rotating of the gears,it should be immediately stopped to check the sound and eliminate it.

Ⅱ. Installation test of Organic fertilizer production equipment :

1. organic fertilizer production equipment should be installed on the horizontal basis of concrete floor with anchor bolts.

2.In installation , pay attention to the host body to keep vertical with the floor.

3.After installation, check the bolts of all parts and the host door ,make sure they are all fastened tightly.

4. Make sure the power cord and control switch go match with the motor powder of the machine.

5.After the inspection ,test the machine when empty loaded, it could start to work if all the parts are normal.

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