Detailed introduction of the organic fertilizer production l

The technical level of organic fertilizer production line has a closely relation with the organic fertilizer production line equipment ,which mainly consists of the fermentation system, drying system, deodorant and dedusting system, crushing system, dosing system, mixing system, granulation system, screening system and finished products packaging system . The following is the detailed description of organic fertilizer production equipment :

Fermentation system of the organic fertilizer production line consists of feeding conveyor, biological deodorant device, lifting turning machine and electrical automatic control system ;

Drying system consists of belt conveyor, drum dryer, cooling machine, air inducing fan , hot air furnace, and so on;

Deodorant and dedusting system consists of settling chamber, dedusting chamber and so on;

Crushing system includes new type semi-wet material mill, LP chain mill or cage mill, belt conveyors and so on;

Dosing system includes electronic dosing system , disc feeder, vibrating screen, allocating 6-8 kinds of raw materials at one time;

Mixing system consists of the mixer( horizontal mixer or disc mixer), vibrating screen, mobile belt conveyor and others;

The granulation system of organic fertilizer production line includes granulator equipment, there are several types to choose: compound fertilizer roller extrusion granulator, disc granulator, flat die granulator, bio-organic fertilizer spherical granulator,organic fertilizer granulator,drum granulator,organic fertilizer polisher, compound fertilizer granulator, etc .;

Screening system mainly consists of drum screening machine, which can be set into primary screening, secondary screening ;

Finished packaging system generally includes electronic quantitative packaging scales, silos, automatic bag-sewing device. All the systems can achieve automatic production without intermittent of organic fertilizer production line .

The production scale of the chicken manure organic fertilizer production line is generally 3-10 million tons per year . To take into account the local resources, market capacity, market coverage. The scale of investment and product design should be based on the following conditions: raw material resource characteristics, local soil conditions, local planting structure and major crop varieties, factory site conditions, production automation degree.

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