Attentions on the fertilizer in daily use

Organic fertilizer(such as the chicken manure fertilizer) can provide comprehensive nutrition for crops, promote soil microbial reproduction, improve soil structure, enhance soil fertility and fertilizer for buffer capacity, has an important role to increase production . However, the composition of organic fertilizer is complex, which is particularly important in the rational use . Improper application will cause the loss of nutrients, and even water absorption difficulties of the crop root, the occurrence of burning roots, stiff seedlings and so on.

Loss if applied dried fertilizer

In some places there is some habits that applied the fertilizer which dried by the sunlight,such as pig manure , or applied into the topsoil of dry land crops, and the consequence is the loss of nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium,which due to the sunlight and rain,finally cause the environmental pollution .there is also some places take straw as organic fertilizer source, due to fermentation and decay is not sufficient, and too concentrated application of rice between the lines, the result is the decay of hydrogen sulfide , the emergence of bubbles ,roots going black , the late grown of grain seedings, not timely remediation will make the whole field appears stiff seedlings, causing cut.

In this case, it should immediately drain the drying field, in the drainage after sunflower early spraying of sodium nitrophenolate and other root growth promoting growth regulator, and add 1% potassium dihydrogen phosphate and 1% urea mixed spray, can be more useful to recovery to normal growth.

Reasonable application of the fertilizer

Straw , pig manure ,cow dung , green manure and other organic fertilizers, which contains large amount of the cellulose (carbon) , small amount of nitrogen , if the amount of fertilizer is too large, which easily leads to crop shortages and stiff seedlings , which is Application of Ammonium Carbonate as a Supplement to Nitrogen Fertilizer in Rice Straw Returning. Therefore, the application of organic fertilizer is not the better crop, the general per acre fertilizer 1000 ~ 1500 kg or green fertilizer 1000 ~ 1500 kg, and in the application by adding the right amount of ammonium bicarbonate or urea to adjust its carbon to nitrogen ratio to meet the microbial need to prevent the emergence of micro-organisms and crop nitrogen phenomenon.

Organic manure in sheep nutrient content is high, decomposition speed, fertilizer more fierce, should be applied in the amount of pig manure or cow dung, to achieve the purpose of smooth fertilizer. Organic fertilizer with phosphate fertilizer, is conducive to improving the efficiency of phosphate fertilizer, organic fertilizer and bio-fertilizer would help to improve fertilizer efficiency.

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