Kefan small scale organic fertilizer production line

Organic fertilizer production line
Organic fertilizer production line investment all know, organic fertilizer production line processing organic fertilizer requires two steps: pre-fermentation and processing part and deep processing granulation section. Biological organic fertilizer equipment matched need the fermentation turning machine, organic fertilizer mill, drum screening machine, horizontal mixer, disc granulator, rotary dryer, cooler, sieving machines, capsule machines, packaging machines, conveyor machines and other equipment.
Small scale organic fertilizer production line is same, also need to organic fertilizer mill, organic fertilizer blenders, organic fertilizer granulating machine, organic fertilizer screening machine, belt conveyor , granulating machine is indispensable equipment .
Pre- fermentation part: need to build a 3 m × 50 m long ( more than 200 tons of fermentable material ) fermentation tank, can also be a slot machine, and then the raw material ( manure , biogas , straw ) piled on the fermentation tank, 1 kg compost mixing 20 kg water, mixing the raw heap , 1 kg decomposition agent fermentable 1 ton raw materials , according to contrast material mixing , the temperature around  0C °the fermentation period is 7-10 days, 2 turn over once, can be completely composting .
After Composting of organic fertilizer raw fermented through semi-wet material grinding mill, in the past trommel screening, screening out the coarse material then fermented , fine material can be pelletized , granular appearance more beautiful, granulation rate higher.
After fermentation materials ( moisture 35% ) blended by mixer, through organic fertilizer granulator, and then through organic fertilizer dryer drying , cooling by cooling machine , filtering in through the drum screening machine, substandard products return into mixer, qualified products after coating machine , the talcum powder machine can pack calcium, magnesium , sulfur and other trace elements in the coating by silos, packaging machine.
Organic fertilizer production lineIn the process of organic fertilizer production line, moisture of raw materials by fermentation is about 30% to 40%, and moisture of the particles is generally ranges from 15 % to 20%, which is not up to the fertilizer quality standard of moisture content less than 14%. Therefore, and the drying process is a must.Thus drying section is an indispensable process for organic fertilizer production line. As it affects the yield, quality and energy consumption directly, so a reasonable choice of the dryer model to control process conditions is very important.
In a small-scale organic fertilizer production line, granulator for organic fertilizer exclusive use is used to granulate raw material with 20 % to 40 % moisture into solid spherical particle with diameter of 3mm to 4mm and granulation rate of 70%, which saves energy and equipment as well as improves the efficiency. Polishing and rounding steps are specially set in the drying process, which makes the particles more smooth. There is no special requirements for the granulated material, so raw material can be either the organic material or the mixture of the organic and inorganic material. After granulation, material are conveyed to the dryer through the belt for drying. 
In the drying process, bacteria will die if the temperature is too high, so the drying temperature should not be higher than 60 ℃ ( generally 50 ℃). Temperature of the hot air, generally does not exceed 130 ℃, should varies with the material’s moisture. Preferably, control air temperature in segment, which can not only improve the thermal efficiency but also avoid death of beneficial bacteria.
In the front section of the dryer, there is a secondary granulation zone, in where the secondary granulation is achieved.Then the material is raised by the lifting plate and fully dried. Damp and hot exhaust is pumped out by the draft fan through the pipe from the tail of the dryer. Then it inflows in the settling chamber, then after the spraying dust process in the scrubbing tower, spray water is pumped out for recycling use. Finally, after the second dust -fall-process, exhaust is discharged into the atmosphere through the chimney.
After drying process, the material is conveyed into the rotary cooling machine for cooling, in the cooling process, the natural air is induced into the cooling machine via a fan for cooling the material. Draft in the the rotary cooling machine is in a counter-current. The cooling exhaust is pumped to the setting chamber through the draft fan and pipe, and together with the drying exhaust, is processed and then discharged into the atmosphere.
After cooling process, the material is conveyed to the screening machine, large particles are crushed and together with screened-out powder, are conveyed back to the granulator for granulation, and qualified particles are conveyed to automatic packaging system for packaging.

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