Controlled release fertilizer production process

controlled release fertilizer production process

Characteristics of controlled - release fertilizer production process equipment:
Coating Material melting device:Apply heat-sensitivity material rapid melting of continuity,computer-controlled continuous stability to the fluid sprayed coating systems provide accurate materials.
Coated drum coating:computer controlled carrier flow, Preheat a complete fertilizer in the drum and sprayed coating material, forms a certain thickness of coating spray sealant, such as regulator to improve product performance.
Cooling drum : Special design of the cooling drum significantly improve cooling efficiency, the maximum reduction in cooling process of friction between the coated particles, effectively reducing the generation of dust, increasing the smoothness of the surface of the coated particles.
Characteristics of controlled - release fertilizers :
(1)Total nutrient content more than 36
(2)Controlled Release of nutrients in 40 days ~90 day
(3)Fertilizer granules more than 3mm
Coated evenly with good quality, strong, wear resistance, provides sulfur nutrition membrane degradation, pollutionfree, environmentally friendly fertilizer requirements.The large number of field trial proved that compared with non - coated fertilizers, under the same economic level to an increase of 6-10. Under the same production levels, can be reduced by 1/3 fertilizer application Rate of one-third, up to 10% utilization.
Environment benefit:
To be effective in reducing chemical fertilizer on nitrate content of groundwater, reducing water pollution caused by eutrophication of surface waters and to improve the quality safety of agricultural products,control inputs pollution,ecological environmental benefits of extremely significant.
The scope of application of controlled - release fertilizer:
It can produced in large granule urea fertilizer or special fertilizer for crops as the carrier.
Sustained and controlled release fertilizer of the types and forms of processing a variety of the popular mass and outsourcing within two inner join inner agents such as urinary enzyme inhibitors and nitrification inhibitor,outsourcing of sulfur - coated, VAE emulsion coating, as well as some inorganic coating, as some such as phosphates,such as urine, formaldehyde,and some chemical control release,different production processes.

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