Roll extrusion granulator installation precautions

Roll extrusion granulatorRoll extrusion granulator is an important granulation equipment for organic fertilizer production line, the use of the roll extrusion granulator without adding any wetting agent, the process is simple and easy to operate while the majority of organic fertilizer producers favorite. Installation and commissioning of such equipment is also very simple.

Installation: The installation process of granulator, granulator is important,with the technological process coordinate installation,identify its elevation and horizontal position, the rack directly fixed on the water dispenser ground.
Debugging: the roll extrusion granulator installation is complete, you want to debug the machine to adapt organic fertilizer production requirements. Under normal circumstances require debugging session include:
1, the pressure roller gap adjustment: According to the production roller driving shaft to adjust the spacing between the driven shaft and the steps of: stopping, both ends of the driven shaft gland lifted, the new set inside two partial rotation in the same direction, two between the rolls can not collide with the roller, should be maintained at between 0.3-1mm
2, the ball and socket of the external adjustment: A, axial alignment adjustments: unload driven shaft shaft tablet, turning eccentric, eccentric displacement and promote active roll axis correspond. B, circumferential alignment adjustments: unloading loose passive gear and adjustment bolts, so that a slight adjustment sleeve and passive gear disengaged, rolling in to see whether the adjustment purposes.
Roll extrusion granulator's installation and commissioning process is simple, but pay attention when using the no-load start, and pay attention to regular maintenance on the machine, the only way can ensure the maximum use of the machine at the same time for the company bring greater economic benefits.

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