Sludge drum granulation process technology

  • Sludge drum granulation process technology

    Drum granulation process to produce sludge organic and inorganic fertilizers description:
    1) The dewatered sludge with about 40% water content (adaptation viscosity) are transported to the disc feeder, by no intermittent rotation of the disc, the mixed material added to the rotation disc of the disc granulator.
    2) fed to the high efficiency dryer, and the high temperature treated spray induced air complete manure preliminary drying , dried moisture control in 10% to 15%.
    3) transported to the organic fertilizer special screening machines, screening machines specially design can solve the problem of mesh adhesion.
    4) Screened qualified particle sent into silos, large particles smashing by pulverizer meet the requirements and then sent into metering hopper.
    5) nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other qualified filler materials are transported to each measurement silo.
    6) after weighing, material fed to the drum granulator, and pass into the saturated steam (or water), the materials form a roll material bed by means of the drum granulator rotation to form the friction, rolling resulting extruded pressure to make materials containing certain aggregate become small particles, these small particles become the core, adhesion the surrounding powder to form qualified particles.
    7) fed to the organic fertilizer dryer, and heat exchange with the heat from the stove.
    8) delivered to the thermal screener to separate particles. Small particles are returned directly to drum granulator, as the core continue to participate in the adhesion of particles into a ball
    9) screened semi-finished products are transported to the cooling machine, natural cold air or forced cool air cool fertilizer.
    10) delivered to the finished screening machine, large particles after smashing returned to drum granulator and continue to participate in balling.
    11) screened qualified products delivered to the coating machine for coating process.
    12) conveyed to the automatic packing scale for weighing, packaging, warehousing.
    13) drying, cooling and dust in the workshop by the cyclone dust collector, dust chamber labyrinth, wet washing of three treatment can reach the standard and emptying.
    Drum granulation process to produce sludge organic and inorganic fertilizers has the following advantages:
    The material layer in the drum pass into the steam to raise the temperature of the granulated material, the granulated material dissolved salts, to achieve a low water content to achieve high liquid content, in order to meet the liquid phase of materials granulation, at the same time, reduce the drying process water evaporation.
    Several soft slab rubber or polypropylene plates in the drum lining, the corresponding location on the cylinder opened a vent, when inner lining with the cylinder at the same time rotate from the bottom to the top, due to the self-respecting relationship,the lining droop, thus materials adhesion on the lining fall due to gravity, to automatically clean knot material.
    During operation the operator can always observe the material balling in the case, according to the need to take immediate measures to ensure the normal operation of the system.

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