10t/h BB Fertilizer Production Line Introduction

BB Fertilizer Production Line
BB fertilizer production line is used to produce bulk blending fertilizer continuously. This type can finish proportioning, mixing and packaging continuously in fertilizer production line. It is designed according to different soil components in different areas. The capacity is 10 tons per hour, more suitable for big capacity production lines. We can also supply larger capacity production line.
BB Fertilizer Production Line advantages:
1. Reasonable design, practical and easy to operate, automatic computer control.
2. High batching accuracy, electronic batching belt scale.
3. High capacity and efficiency, it can proportion and blend the fertilizer continuously. The capacity can be adjusted according to customers’ requirements.
4. Accurate packaging, automatic weighing and packaging machine.
5. Stable performance, reducing the investment in equipment, save the human and financial resources and energy consumption.
6. It’s the most advanced and reasonable BB fertilizer production line.
BB Fertilizer Production Line Process is often composed of pulverizer,belt conveyor,distributor,granulator,screening machine,coated machine,hoist and packing scale.
BB fertilizer production process:
Pulverizer → distributor→ granulator → screening machine → coated machine → hoist machine → packing scale → Finished product storage.
Note: Belt conveyor is the media of the whole working process.
BB Fertilizer Production Line
10t/h BB Fertilizer Production Line working process:
1. Materials after screening with larger size first enter into the pulverizer to smash,then transport to the distributor by belt conveyor,Through distributor materials drop into several granulators for granulating. Thus materials are distributed into several granulating machines and process speed is high.
2. Then materials into the granulator are granulated into particles, which conform to customers' requirements. The granulator should be selected by raw materials.
3. granulated particles are transported into the screening machine for screening by belt conveyor. 
4. Granulated particles are divided into two kinds: one part that meet requirement are sent into the coated machine; another part which can not meet requirement are sent to the granulator machine for granulate again.
5. After screening, qualified products are transported into the coated machine for coating,weighing and drying.By the hoist, qualified products is shipped into the finished products bin by the hoist; The unqualified products are transported into the distributor by the belt conveyor for granulating,screening,coating and weighing again. 
6. Thus you can get granulated particles, and granulating rate is high and save materials.

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