Flat die pellet mill

[Production capacity]: 1-3 T / h

[Advantages]: Simple structure, can suit for different kinds raw material pelletize, small footprint, low noise.

[Applications]:Corn straw, wood dust, sawdust, straw, etc.

 Product Details

Flat die pellet mill mold plate and roller adopt high quality alloy material take out specifical processed, making circular motion,

mold main shaft and flat die under friction function, driving roller rotation, material between roller and mold plate

pasting at the high temperature. Discharged from mold hole by roller pressing, output granule through rejection

material trays conveying outside the machine, through cutting port can adjust granule length.


Property advantages:

1. Simple structure, widely application, small footprint, low noise.

2. Powder material can directly feeding to flat die pellet mill to make granule, the granule after pressed and before pressed, granule humidity has't difference, more benefit for storage.


3. This machine output granule with high hardness, smooth surface, completely inner maturation degree.

4. The machine with more than 20 kinds hole diameter mold, suit for different material pelletization, achieve the best effect.

5. Roller parts is the machine center part, our company manufactured flat die pellet mill adopt alloy material processed, improved roller service life.


Technical Parameters

Model Flat die pellet mill
Motor power 30kw
The machine weight 600kg
Overall dimension 2*0.86*1.70m
Production capacity 1-3T/h