Vertical ring die pellet mill

[Production capacity]: 1-5 t / h

[Advantages]:Vertical mold, vertical feeding, don't arch, easy radiating, widely application, small footprint, low noise, etc.

[Applications]:Straw, rice husk, straw bran, tree leaves, stalk, sawdust,

 Product Details

Vertical ring die pellet mill is the main feed machinery used to produce animal feed. The property at big degree determine feed production capacity, during feed manufacturing process occupy very improtant position. Kefan machinery manufactured this energy-saving and eco-friendly vertical ring die pellet machine with high production efficiency, low energy consumption.


When vertical ring die pellet mill working, material through feeding port feeding to the rotate material bowl, under centrifugal force function, making material continuous through to press mold inner wall surface, forming uniform ring shape material layer, this ring shape material layer feeding between press mold and roller connection surface, through press mold and roller strong press, cylindrical products output from mold hole. Fixed on the cover shell cutter cut them to become uniform length feed granule. Ring die pellet machine with simple operation, convenient to use, high automation degree, save labor, you can select manual feeding or conveyor automatic feeding, very suitable for aquaculture use.


Property advantages:

1. Vertical mold, vertical feeding, don't arch, easy radiating.

2. Simple structure, widely application, small footprint, low noise.

3. Mold static vertical installation, machine easy to be fixed and stable working.

4. Roller rotation making material produce centrifugal force, uniform all sides distribution.

5. During products granule forming process can make trypsin inhibitory factor in cereals and beans occur denaturation, reduce bad influence on digestion, can kill all kinds parasite egg and other pathogenic microorganisms, reduce all kinds vermin and digestive diseases.


Technical Parameters

Model Power
Granule specifications
Production capacity
Total weight
Overall dimensions
KF560 90+1.5+0.37+1.5 4-12 1-1.5 5.8 2600*1300*2300
KF680 160+1.5+0.37+1.5 4-12 1.5-2.5 8.5 3300*1500*2300
KF850 220+3+0.37+2.2 4-12 2.5-3.5 15 3800*1830*3080
KF1050 315+5.5+0.37+1.5 4-12 4-5 25 4200*2200*3600