Small feed pellet mill

[Production capacity]: 125-250 kg / h

[Advantages]: Granule diameter can according user requires to produce, high granule forming rate, high strength.

[Applications]:Straw, rice husk, straw bran, tree leaves, stalk, sawdust, peanut shells, corn cob,

 Product Details

Small feed pellet mill(feed pellet mill) during pelleting process no need add water, can make powder material press and forming once, products no need drying. During pressurization process the temperature can normal rise up at about 70 degree, can make starch pasting, granule inner part with deeply mature, smooth surface, high hardness, can storage for a long time.


Working principle:

Small pellet mill at the base of machinery circular motion, diesel engine and motor ad power drive transmission shaft. Transmission gear change speed to main shaft and mold plate, making mold plate


Property advantages:

1. Low investment, stable property, high production capacity, low energy consumption.

2. Convenient for maintenace, low failure rate, easy to operate.

3. The machine with whole cast, durable structure.

4. For flat die, roller take high wearable heating process, making the service life longer.

5. High granule forming rate, high strength, granule diameter can also according user requires to customize.

6. Raw material with widely application, such as wood dust, tree leave, straw and other biomass material.


Technical Parameters

Model Small feed pellet mill
Motor power 3kw
The machine weight 140-189kg
Overall dimension size 1.5*0.85*1.4m
Production capacity 125-250kg/h