Straw pellet machine

[Production capacity]: 0.8-2.2 t / h

[Advantages]: Low price, low energy consumption, more suit for majority users to use; High automation degree, save labor, simple and convenient to operate, no need to warry about the complex working process.


 Product Details

Straw pellet machine fuse with domestic and abroad advance technology, absorb the essence, remove its dregs, combine with the outstand features, output safety, stable, high efficiency, energy saving new products. Along with new small pellet mill widely applicated, now it can convenient press waste crop straw to granule shape, not only convenient, but also practical. It can adopt electric lighting as power, under roller pressed then the products granule discharged from mold hole. And according requires adjust granule length. The machine with simple structure, small footprint, you can use normal household voltage to operate, convenient for aquaculture farmers to use. Suit to process in crops and wood dust as raw materials, completely utilize waste materials, reduce pollution, improved the utilization rate.


Property advantages:

1. Simple structure, widely application, small footprint, low noise.

2. Suit for all kinds biomass raw material forming, complex utilization waste straw, reduce environmental pollution.

3. The machine body mechanism installed full automatic electric heating device, can adjust material humidity, solve stoppage and can't forming problems, ensure user rest assured using.

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4. Utilize pushing bearing bi-directional rotation principle automatic adjust pressure angle, protect material free from crowded groups or stuffy the machine, ensourance output material stable forming.

5. High automation degree, save labor, simple and convenient operation, no need to warry about complex working process.

Technical Parameters

Model Power
Main machine weight
Working voltage
Mold pan diameter
Production capacity
KF-900 90 6.8 380,3-phase 550 1.8-2.2
KF-750 75 5.6 380,3-phase 500 1.5-1.8
KF-550 55 3.6 380,3-phase 450 1.0
KF-450 45 2.9 380,3-phase 400 0.8