Roller Extruding Granulator

What is roller extruding granulator?Roller extruding granulator is a newly developed granulating machine for powder materials. With the improvement of environmental proection and automaction rquirment.

What is roller extruding granulator?

Roller extruding granulator is a newly developed granulating machine for powder materials. With the improvement of environmental protection and automatic production requirement, its impotance increases quickly. The machine is widely used in organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, feed, food, pharmaceutical production and other industries. Especially, roller extruding granulator is the key equipment of compound fertilizer granulation. With advanced technology, reasonable design, compact structure and low energy consumption, the machine working together with corresponding supporting equipment, can make up a small production line and make continuous mechanical production come true. 

To compare with other type granulators, the most important characteristic of this machine is the two rollers. The rollers are welded together by medium carbon steel plate and channel steel with high hardness and strength, which greatly lengthen its service life. The other main component parts are also refined by good anti-corrosion, wear-resistant and shock-resistant new type metal which makes the machine runs more stably. The machine integrates granulating, shaping and screening, with attractive appearance and easy operation, nowadays it is choosen by more and more users.

What for?

Roller extruding granulator has a wide application. It can use in the granulation of organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, feed, food, pharmaceutical production and other industry. The materials are adapted to fertilizer materials such as Potassium sulfate, ammonium bicarbonate, potassium chlorate, urea, ammonium sulphat, potassium nitrate, ect and other powder materials such as sodium chloride ,  calcium chloride, cryolite, activated carbon, rare earth, metal powder and ect. Especially, the granulating of rare earth and potash, ammonium bicarbonate series compound fertilizer has occupied domestic leading level.

How to work?

There is a vertical screw rod in the cavity of the roller extruding granulator. When well mixed materials are poured into the machine cavity fromthe top of the granulator, forced by the totating of the screw rod, the materials will be sent to the bottom and be extruted by two rollers. The two rollers do relative rotary movement and squeeze the materials into flat cake. The flat cake materials go into the crushing chamber and are crushed by spining blade. Then the crushed materials will go through the hobber row and entry the vibrating screen to screen the granules and powder materials. The qualified granules will be passed to the outside, and the separated powders will be sent back to the storage bin to be re-extruded by the rollers. Accoriding to granulating requirement, the extruding pressure is controlled by a hydraulic system. Changing the grooving of the roller surface, can get falt, piece and striped-shap materials. With thus a circulate process, mass production is realized.



1. Less investment but good economic returns. The machine works in room temperature, no need dry process and one-time mold, which makes the whole producing process more efficient and energy-saving.

2. Simplification workflow and reducing energy consumption. The roller machine doesn’t need any addition of binder. The common compound fertilizer production method at domestic is steam granulation. After crystallization, water plays the role of binder in granulating process. This machine without drying process and only take advantage of the intermolecular force. Thus the whole working process is simple.

3. The strength of the granules produced can be adjusted acccording to requirement. With changing the extruding pressure of rollers, the users can control the strength of final products.

4. With a evenly feeding and circular process, the machine realizes continuous production. And there are grooves distrubuted on the rollers which will be beneficial to the compaction of the material, reduce the extruding pressure and improve the production of the rolling flat cake.

5. Complete sets of equipment, reasonable layout , advanced technology and high granulating rate. The machine is drived only by electric motor, so it protect the enviroment and no harmful waste pouring out.