Flat Granulating Machine

Flat Granulating MachineWhat is Flat Granulating Machine?Flat membrane granulating Machine is one of the main equipment of organic fertilizer production.
What is Flat Granulating Machine?
Flat membrane granulating Machine is one of the main equipment of organic fertilizer production. It is an equipment that fermented organic fertilizer materials can entry the machine directly, go through the roller to be extruted into flat pie, and then go through the slicer to be cut into cylinder appearance. Compare with organic fertilizer granulator, the flat membrane granulating machine is innovated in techniques. Its structure is more simple and design is more resonable. It not only granulates for organic fertilizer, but also granulates for feed and food. It is a multi-fuction granulator.
Flat membrane granulating Machine aodpts a screw center pressure regulating structure. Mold gap big or small can be adjusted in order to make the machine suit for different materials. Large pressure roller and wide groove makes the machine can bear more pressure and wear resistant. Multi-pressure rollers distribute uniformly and they are the main part of the whole equipment.
Besides, the granulation chamber is equipped with a observation door, it is convenient for users to observe at any time and it is easy for users to maintenance and repair.  

What for?
Flat membrane granulating machine has a wide a application. It is usually used in fllowing fields.
1. Organic fertilizer industry   Livestock manure is the main material. Livestock waste after fermented is a good kind of powder organic fertilizer, but it is not suitable for mechanical sowing. Flat membrane granulator solves this problem well. The granulator makes the poweder fertilizer into granules which is good for soil quality. It protects the environment and at the same time brings good enomic effect and social benefit. It is the ideal equipment for small and midium breeding farms.
2. Feed industry   Feed granules have a wide range of raw materials, such as corn straw, soybean straw, wheat straw, rice straw, flower seedling (shell), sweet potato seeding, rape straw and so on. The feed granule produced by the machine has high density, and it is applicable for long distance transportation, realizes elsewhere utilization of crop straw. In the granulating process, feed becomes ripe under the high temperature, and have a good taste. Cattle and sheep grazing rate can reach up to 100%, digestion and absorption rate can be up to more than 60%, milk and beef production are also increased. Nowadays the machine is much popular with farmers.
3. Metallurgy and other Industry   The machine is widely used in granulating for carburant, oxidant, antioxygen, tobacco powder, tea powder, coal powder, calcium silicon fertilizer, carbon, ore and other powder materials.

How to work?
Based on machanical circular motion and under the action of friction, the pressure roller of flat membrane granulating machine revolves on its own axis driven by the motor. The temperature between the pressure roller and the materials is foreced to increase when materials entry the machine. Under high temperature, powder material is gelatinized and then by the force of extrution of the pressure roller the material is discharged from hole. Slicer will cut the material into cylindrical particles. According to the users’need, the machine also can be worked with polishing enquipment and make the the cylinderial particals into spherality. In the whole processing, there is little return materials, the rate of finished products is high, the finished product appearance is delicated. And because the moisture of finished products is low, drying process can be removed and drying energy is greatly saved.

1. Flat membrane granulator has advanced structure, provides reliable quality and can work with no breaking.
2. The finished product has smoonth surface, even size, and low moisture. There is less energy consumption for drying.
3. Flat membrane granulator makes full use livestock manure and crop straws, turns waste into useful materials, both reach environment protection and society benefIt's goal.
4. Flat membrane granulator adopts pressure roller, and the speed is same with the mold plate inner and the outer ring of the mold plate. Thus will not occur friction between the roller and the mold and make the vulnerable parts has long service life.
5. The pressure rollers are installed in flat membrane granulator evenly which increases the pressing area, and shows a good the production efficiency.