Organic Fertilizer Thrown Round Machine

The organic fertilizer thrown round machine is the thrown round device configured on the base of flat die extrusion granulator.

What is organic fertilizer thrown round machine?

The organic fertilizer thrown round machine is the thrown round device configured on the base of flat die extrusion granulator. The organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer have various shapes and sizes of particles at the initial stage of the formation of granular fertilizer. However, some of the customers have relatively high requirement of the product particles, they demand that the final shape of the product must be spherical. In order to fulfill the customers’ requirements and make the product more presentable, our company has developed the new organic fertilizer thrown round machine and compound fertilizer thrown round machine. The new organic fertilizer thrown round machine is the configured thrown round machine for the organic and compound fertilizer granulators.


YPG series of organic fertilizer thrown round machine is the new generation organic fertilizer granulation equipment, which was specially designed by Seasun heavy machinery through self development and improvement on the basis of old granulators. The new generation of  the machine has the features of long and continuous operation, automatic productive process, stable granules of the final product, and high intensity. It has dexterously solved the defects of the old thrown round machine including the need of manual operation, and unstable quality of the final product. Meanwhile, it has ended the ticklish problem that chicken manure and some other organic fertilizer raw materials are too loose to granulate, or even harder to prill.

What for?

The thrown round machine uses chicken manure and other cattle dung as the main raw material for the particle polishing of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer; uses pulverin, lignite, organic fertilizer sludge and stalks as the main material for the particle polishing of microbial organic fertilizer; and uses soya-bean cake  etc. as main material for the cake particle polishing. It also produces polishing procedure for various kinds of fertilizers and fodder particles.

The machine has been widely used for the polishing process after the compression and granulation of various kinds of organic fertilizer and microbial organic fertilizer, and the polishing procedure during the production process of chemical plant and fodder factory. It is the first choice of equipment for particle polishing procedure in medium or small size hennery, organic fertilizer factory, and fodder factory.

Beautiful product appearance is the basic requirement for all products to win the affection of customers. Any type of good product will not only have a high standard inherent quality, but also with beautiful   appearance. The multi-leveled particle fertilizer thrown round machine developed and produced by our company can improve all particle fertilizers’ appearance: firstly the particle fertilizer will be processed by flat die extrusion granulator and disc granulator, then the granules will be polished by the new generation thrown round machine. The finished fertilizer particles are of uniform size, accurate roundness, sleek surface, and large intensity. The granulation rate is as high as 98%. More importantly, it has greatly improved the product quality grade and appearance, so as to open up a product sales outlet, and acquire lavished economic benefits.

How to work?

Structure and working principle: This machine is consisted of two or more than two throwing cylinders in succession; the material is exhausted from the discharging port after several times of centrifugal polishing.

Chicken manure and other organic fertilizers will first enter flat die granulator and be crushed into pancakes by the roller, then to be cut into cylindrical shapes, and finally enter the throwing machine for polishing. The polishing machine is multileveled continuous organic fertilizer granulation and polishing equipment. It adopts the new technology of double disk high speed polishing, so that the preliminary extrusion forming columnar particles of organic fertilizer can acquire material flow with continuous high speed rotation in the shape reforming zone. Then the particles quickly form into spherical shapes depending on the self rotations at high speed and rubbing each other. The initial round particles from shape reforming zone one flow into shape reforming zone two, continuously reach the standard and then flow out of the thrown round machine. Because of the water content of the material is well controlled around  30-35%, the powdery material produced by the friction of particles will instantly attach to the particles, so the final granulation rate can be as high as 95%.
Besides, the fermented raw material doesn’t need to go through the drying process, it can be made directly into spherical particle organic fertilizer, which greatly decreased manual operation.


This machine has the features of no reverting material, high prilling rate, good magnitude, beautiful and practical.

1.     High yield, flexible arrangements in the granulation process. It can work in with one or more granulators. Compared with the traditional working mode that one granulator must be matched with one other polishing machine, the new equipment has solved the traditional malpractices such as complex processing, large equipment investment, and inconsistent quality of final products among multiple equipments.

2.     Simple structure and working principle, safe and reliable, small volume, light weight, convenient operation and maintenance.

3.     Good adaptability, strong overload protection. It can work under all kinds of environmental conditions, and work continuously for a long time. Low energy consumption, extremely low electricity consumption, low capital cost, high economic efficiency.

4.     The machine has very strong serviceability, it wouldn’t jam even when it is fully loaded. The falling speed of the material can be adjusted.

5.     This machine has low wearing rate of the easy-wear parts, so the operation cost is low.

6.     This machine has successfully resolved the ticklish issue that green fertilizer would paste on the disc when there is too much of urea content in the formula.