Organic Fertilizer Spherical Pellet Machine

Organic fertilizer spherical pellet machine is one type of the organic fertilizer granulator.

What is organic fertilizer spherical pellet machine?

Organic fertilizer spherical pellet machine is one type of the organic fertilizer granulator. It is the latest model of technology product developed by the agricultural machinery research Institute, which is based on the accumulation of several years of production experiences and the design of compound fertilizer processing equipments. This series of machine have already won the national utility models of a patent.

The machine is used for granulation of various kinds of organisms after fermentation process. With the breakthrough of the conventional way of organisms’ granulation process, there’s no need for drying or crushing of the material before the granulation process, the spherical particles can be produced after direct feeding in raw material. The whole process will save a lot of energy.

The organic fertilizer spherical pellet machine is also called internal rotating-stirring tooth granulator. It can granulate raw materials with moisture rate of 30-55%, such as chicken manure, pig manure, cow manure,  sheep manure, sludge, bentonite, and other organic material.

The machine is widely adopted in the feed factory, sugar bagasse factory, Chinese traditional medicine plant and sawdust plant.


What for?

1.     The common requirement for the raw material particle size is between 60-120mesh. Typical materials under this category are chicken manure, pig manure, cow manure, carbon, argil, and kaolin etc. This machine can also make other raw materials into granules, including turfs, lignite, sludge, pond sludge, sucrose lag, tarch pulpas materials, earthworm cast, Bean cakes, vinasse slag, biogas residue, fruit residue, palm oil residue, residues of urban rubbish or sewage treatment plants.

2.     The granulation of materials with low adhesion and molding rate, and also the low temperature granulation of bacterial manure, organic fertilizer, and compound fertilizer.

3.     It is mainly suitable for coarse fiber granulation, such as: saw dust, rice husk, cotton stalk, cotton seed hull and weed etc. various types of crops stalks.

How to make the best of the organic waste resources has become an important issue of building up a resource-saving society, promoting circular economy, and developing organic farming. Our country is agricultural production country, and has a large number of fertilizer consumption as well. However, the production of fertilizers is eating into our non-renewable resources including coal, electricity, and natural gas etc. Organic fertilizer spherical pellet machine is the indispensible equipment for making fertilizers. Using solid organic waste to produce organic fertilizer with spherical particles, to achieve the goal of saving non-renewable resources and protect the environment. This series of machine can create enormous social benefits, and is in accordance with China’s energy-saving and emission reduction industrial policy.

How to work?

The structure and working principle:

1.     The compression roller adopts bevel wheel, of which both ends have the same linear velocity as the mode plate and outer ring, thus avoid the dislocation friction between the mould and the wheel. Furthermore, the kinetic energy loss and the whole resistance force are decreased, and the service life of the mould is extended.

2.     The compression roller is evenly placed, and operating smoothly. The phenomenon of extra easy feed with common flat mode roller is completely eradicated.

3.     It adopts central voltage regulator structure, adapts to all kinds of material, the compression effect is guaranteed. The compression molding of saw dust, corn stalks requires a lot of pressure. The roller wheel is the central part of the machine. Compared to other granulating equipment, this machine adopts high quality alloyed heat-treatable steels, so that the roller wheel will have a longer service life.

This machine has moulds with different aperture, which adapts to granulation of different materials, in order to achieve best results.

This model of pellet machine uses high speed revolution mechanical agitation force and aerodynamic force arising from it, to make the fine powder material continuously realizing processes of blending, granulation, balling, and densification. Finally achieve the purpose of granulation. The finished particle size is spherical, its sophericity 0.7,  particle diameter is usually 2-5mm, granularity rate 90%. The diameter of particles can be adjusted through the mix amount of the material and the main shaft speed. Usually with a lower mix amount and a higher shaft speed, the final granule will be smaller, vice versa.


1.     The shape of the final product is spherical.

2.     The content of the organics can reach up to 100%, thus realizing pure organic granulation.

3.     Using the characteristic that organic particles will mosaic with each other and grow larger under certain acting force, there’s no need to add agglomerant during the granulation process.

4.     The particle is solid; screening can be applied right after granulation process, so that the drying energy consumption can be decreased at the same time.

5.     There’s no need for drying fermented organics, the water content of the raw material can be 20-40%.