Disc Granulator

he disc granulating machine is a type of molding equipment which makes the material into certain shapes. It is mainly used for the granulation of compound fertilizer in the production process.


 What is disc granulator?

The disc granulating machine is a type of molding equipment which makes the material into certain shapes. It is mainly used for the granulation of compound fertilizer in the production process. The disc granulator adopts high strength glass fiber for its lining and whole arc structure, and is corrosion resistance and durable. Its granularity rate can reach up to 93%.

The disc granulator is composed of granulating disc, driving unit, disc tilt angle adjustment division, rack, charge pipe, liquid sprayer and hanging plate etc..The main factors that influence the granularity process are the diameter, obliquity, side height and rotating speed of the disc, also the material liquid spraying position, and the hanging plate position.

The disc granulator has three discharging ports, which is convenient for intermittent working mode, meanwhile greatly decreased the labor intensity and increased labor efficiency. The reduction box and electric motor adopt flexible belt transmission, smooth start up and mitigate the impact force, in order to increase the service life of the machine. The bottom of the disc is enhanced by multiple radiation steel plate, strong and durable, never become distorted. With intensified, aggravated, and reinforced base design, there is no need for anchor bolt to support smooth operation.


What for?

 The disc granulator is suitable for the granulation of powder, particle or small block forms of various kinds of inviscid material, such as coal powder, cement, clinker, lime stone, shale, gangue and dry clay etc..

As a main component of the compound fertilizer production line, the disc granulator can be widely used in metallurgy industry, coal factory, capital construction, chemical industry, mechanize foundry work shop, medicament and feed industry for continuously, evenly, and quantifying feed and batching.

The disc granulator can produce compound fertilizer of various concentration and types, including organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer, microbial fertilizer, and magnetic fertilizer. Because the drying and granulation process of the high concentration compound fertilizer is very difficult, the machine is more suitable for low nutrients compound fertilizer (20%-35%).

The granulator has very good adaptability to all kinds of nutrients resources contained in the raw material. Such as ammonia chloride, urea, and ammonium bicarbonate for N, monoammonium phosphate and diammonium phosphate for P, and  muriate and  potassium sulfate for K. Besides, the compound fertilizer granulation of rare-earth, ammonium bicarbonate, and ammonia sulfate has been specially made into appropriate environment protection technology promotion project .

This machine is suitable for the material with a granularity less than 50mm, and is not designed for materials with high viscosity, and which are not easy or too easy to flow.

How to work?

When disc granulator is working, raw meal in the biaxial mixer is evenly moist by the atomizing water, then becomes epigranular balls and is sent to the disc. The water content of the ball should be controlled between 12~14%. Most of the water should be added into the biaxial mixer, and only small amount of filling water should be added into the disc, and the filling water should be controlled around 0~3%. In the dry granulation process, raw meal is added into the disc directly, and certain amount of water is sprayed at the same time.

The raw meal balls will move along the parabola in the disc under the effect of centrifugal force, friction force, and gravity. Because of the agglutinating value and malleability of the material, the balls will bond with each other and grow bigger during the movement. When the parameters of the disc obliquity, rim, rotation speed and water content are fixed, different ball meal with different gravity will move away from the rim and roll down according to different disjunctive angle. During the rolling process, water is squeezed out of the ball continuously, and because of the agglutinating value and the natural evaporation of the surface of the liquid film, the ball meal poses certain degree of intensity, then they will be discharged from the edge of the tilted disc along with the rotation of the disc.


In general, the disc granulator has the advantages of even output granule, high granularity rate, stable operation, wearable and durable, long service life etc.. It is many customers’ ideal choice of equipment.

1.     The product particles are evenly granulated, with good automatic classification ability. It can spray the solution on small granules, so its granulation rate is high, the production of large balls is low, the recycle ratio is low.

2.     The machine has novel and reasonable structure, lighter weight and decreased height. Flexible and convenient processing settlement, and is suitable for old plant modernization.

3.     The disc tilting angle is adjustable. Using angle gasket, flexible and convenient adjustment.

4.     Using the unique non-powered combination of scraper integration to reduce the auxiliary power consumption.

5.     The disc is consisted of chuck body and plate section, reducing the main motors’ power. The plate section can be adjusted up and down along side the chuck body. The flange on the end of the plate section can ensure that the material are not torn or strained when discharged from the disc.

6.     Brand new  desilting design, using non-powered combination of scraper integration to clear the bottom and the edge, angle clearance scraper to clean the disc corner, working in with the unique chuck body processing technology, good desilting and prilling effect. 90% of the finished pellets’ diameter is 3-5mm.

7.     No drying process, room temperature granulation, one-time forming; less investment, rapid effect, and good economic returns. Compared with other compound fertilizer production, the disc granulator can help save the total capital investment by 30%.

8.     Small power drive and reliable operation, no discharge of “three wastes”. Simple structure, stable operation, convenient maintenance, reasonable flow lay out.