Trough Turning Machine

In the early phase of the organic fertilizer production process, the composting process is static, it will often turn into anaerobic fermentation as a result of insufficient oxygen supply, and produce large amount of hydrogen sulfide gas.

What is trough turning polishing machine?

In the early phase of the organic fertilizer production process, the composting process is static, it will often turn into anaerobic fermentation as a result of insufficient oxygen supply, and produce large amount of hydrogen sulfide gas, which lead to great explosion risk. Then in the middle of the last century, The BACKHUS company in German  was the first to had successfully developed the new type of mechanical equipment used to improve the oxygen supply for the aerobic composting, and they called it turning polishing machine. The trough turning polishing machine is a type of mechanical equipment developed from dynamic composting. The dynamic composting, which is production of organic fertilizer by fermentation trough model, is a type of composting process which uses trough turning machine to turn, stir, and crush the material in the fermentation slot, and making material ferment, decomposed and degraded. Compared with static composting, it is easier to acquire stable product quality, and it has better control of the odor effect.

The trough turning polishing machine has many names, such as turning polishing machine, organic fertilizer turning polishing machine, trough type fermentation machine, trough turning polishing machine, composting fermentation machine, composting turning polishing machine and guide rail type turning polishing machine. Currently, it is the most widely used fermentation turning polishing and composting equipment, and is a very important part of the organic fertilizer production line. The organic fertilizer turning polishing machine is a type of processing machinery of environmental protection, agriculture and food processing industry waste, or exclusive equipment for the commercial production of organic fertilizer.


What for?

The trough turning machine is used for the fermentation and composting of the organic waste pollutants, such as livestock manure, sludge waste, sugar factory filter mud, dregs cake, municipal garbage, lees, bean dregs, bone meal, straw and saw dust etc. It utilizes the principle of oxygen consuming fermentation to produce organic fertilizer which can improve the soil condition and is greens environmental protection. The composting machine can effectively and evenly turn and mix livestock, sludge and microbial formulation together, so that it can create a better aerobic environment for the material to fermentate.  It can bring up the temperature in one day, deodorizes in 3-5 hours, sterilizes (thoroughly kills all the virus pathogen in the manures) and completes the fertilizer production in 7 days.

The trough turning polishing machine has been widely used in organic fertilizer factory, compound fertilizer factory, sewage sludge plant, horticultural factory and agaricus bisporus growing plant for fermentation maturity and water removal operation.

It is suitable for aerobic fermentation, and it can be used together with the solar fermentation chamber, fermenter and the moving machine, so as to realize the purpose of being multifunctional. The trough turning polishing machine is one of the main auxiliary equipment in the organic fertilizer production, and is also the core equipment for aerobic dynamic composting:

1.     The even mixing and modulation of the raw material and all kinds of ingredients.

2.      Adjust the temperature of the raw material pile, so that various kinds of beneficial microorganisms can grow and reproduce fast in their adapt temperature range.

3.     Improve the permeability of the material. The composting system can process the material into smaller blocks, and form the proper porosity.

4.     Adjust the moisture rate of the raw material. The raw material usually has a moisture rate of around 50%, and the finished fertilizer has a standard rate of less than 20%.

5.     It can realize the special requirements of the composting process, such as giving the raw material pile certain shapes, or realizes material quantitative shift.

How to work?

The trough turning polishing machine is consisted of the main body and the special configurations: the main body of the machine is consisted of transmission device, lifting device, running gear, composting gear, power take device and rotary trough device (also called transfer trolley, mainly used for multi-slot usage). While the special configurations include:

1.     The centralized control by the control cabinet, it can realize manual or automatic control.

2.     It is equipped with soft starter, which creates a low impact load when booting.

3.     It is equipped with hydraulic lifting system of gear shifting.

4.     The gear tooth is sturdy and durable, and has the function of mixing and crushing materials.

5.     Limit travel switch, which has the function of maintaining safety and spacing.

The fermenter is a type of machine made from two upright walls on the ground. The trough turning polishing machine works on the fermenter, and it uses electric motor drive. The electric motor directly transmit the driving power to the turning polishing drum through the cycloid reducer and chain wheel, the agitating vanes in the drum present spiral distribution. Through the electric motor drive, the machine can realize automatic moving up and down, or rotating. Because of the high speed rotation of the drum, the blades on the drum crush and mix the fermentated material in the fermenter, and meanwhile, the material are flipped backwards and loosely piled by the drum (displacements are 0.7-1m),and move rearward regularly, equidistance and gradually in the tank.

Every day, the fermented materials are carried away from the end of fermentation tank, and the vacated space in the front of the fermentation tank (processing capacity of one day) will be filled with the new raw material, thus forming a continuous fermentation process.


The trough turning polishing machine adopts slot structure, so one machine can be used with multiple slots according to the work shop structure design. It has the main features of reasonable design, high yield, high efficiency, low energy consumption, high automation level, convenient usage and maintenance, short fermentation period, sufficient fermentation and low investment cost etc. Also it is well received by our customers for its durability and stability.

1.     The machine occupies small area, realizes thorough material turning and polishing, quickly reduce moisture content, smooth operation, extremely low failure rate and fast fertilizer production speed.

2.     The fermentated material in the fermenter tank forms a layer with thickness of 70-90cm, it relies on the oxygen supply from the natural ventilation and the contact between material and the air during turning process to realize continuous aerobic fermentation. The whole fermentation and turning polishing process has realized full automatic intelligentized control.

3.     There is no need for high pressure forced oxygen supply. During the turning and polishing process, the machine provides the material sufficient oxygen evenly and without dead angle, the material layer has strong penetration force, which can help with even aerobic fermentation. The side of the fermentation tank is allocated with fixed copper slip angle cable, which is safe, reliable, durable and convenient to maintain.

4.     Unique channel design, which has changed the defect of low productivity  caused by traditional pure use of light rail walking structure, and overcome the shortcomings of high cost of producing conventional  gear, light rail turning polishing machine auxiliaries.

5.     The innovation point of this machine is that it makes the best of the underground deep pool space design and the new process of long distance composting, it uses limited surface areas to realize the harmless treatment of the organic waste on a large scale.

6.     This equipment can be used under the condition with the ambient temperature  of 20℃~50℃. The machine has very strong adaptability to the characteristics of the fermented material. According to the specificity of the fermented material, the equipment will use corrosion resisting material for its manufacture, which is exquisite and endurable.