The Rotary Coating Machine

This rotary drum coating machine is a kind of equipment that can be used to evenly cover a layer of protection film onto the surfaces of fertilizer particles to prevent the salt bridge effect and absorbing moisture.

What is rotary coating machine?

This rotary drum coating machine is a kind of equipment that can be used to evenly cover a layer of protection film onto the surfaces of fertilizer particles to prevent the salt bridge effect and absorbing moisture. This rotary coating machine can be operated together with other fertilizer equipment as well as used individually. Its mainframe adopts polypropylene lining or acid-resistant stainless steel lining plate.
According to special technological requirements, this organic fertilizer coating machine is designed with a special inner structure, so it is an effective and special equipment for compound fertilizer and organic fertilizer.


What for?

The rotary coating machine can also be called fertilizer coating machine, it adopts a coating process with special liquid charging stock and solid dusty material combined , which can form a layer of protective film around compound fertilizer granules to isolate them from the outside air , thus effectively avoiding agglomeration and caking, and improving the surface brightness of granules. Fertilizer coating machine helps to preserve the quality of finished fertilizers during storage, handling and shipping, and increases the fertilizer efficiency.

The coating of a protective layer contributes to a slow release of fertilizer at later growth stage of plants, reducing fertilizer efficiency losses, improving and raising the output of the crop. The coated fertilizers are helpful to avoid damage to seeds or seedling caused by blind & excessive application of fertilizer.

 It can be used in large-output compound fertilizer plant and organic fertilizer production line. It can be used for both finished fertilizer coating, and can also be used for fertilizer granulation and powder-coating.

How to work?

The fertilizer rotary drum coating machine adopts special liquid material spraying technology or combing with solid powder coating technology, which leads to good coating effect and can enhance fertilizer efficiency.

Structures and working principle: A complete rotary drum coating machine consists of the following main parts: mainframe, screw conveyor, mixing tank and oil pump.etc. 

1.     Bracket: The brackets sustain a lot of pressure for carrying the whole construction of the machine body. Additionally, considering the frictional force between the brackets and the conveyor belt of the machine body, we adopt high-quality, anti-corrosion, wear-resistant materials for prolonging the service life of the coating machine. Each of the four corners of the bracket parts is equipped with hooks which is convenient for shipping and installation. 

2.     Transmission: The gear frame is made of high-class channel steel beam which meets the demanding quality requirements. The main engine drives the pulley and triangular belt, and then the drive is passed to the principle axis through the reducer.

3.     Machine Body: Body parts are the most important of the whole coating machine, it is made of high-quality carbon steel plate which lives up to the quality test and technological requirements.

.The fertilizer rotary coating machine is driven by main engine, belt, pulley and drive shaft. The main engine drives the belt and pulley, and then the drive is passed to drive the shaft through the reducer. The open gear fixed to the body and the big gear ring meet each other halfway, then the coating machine begin to work.

Then put the fertilizer granules by weight. Pre-heat the machine at certain temperature. Then keep the specified rotating speed. With the help of compressed air and the nozzle, atomize the prepared oil mixed coating agent and then coat on the surface of the fertilizer granules. Thus the protective film is formed.


1.     Fertilizer coating machine main body adopts polypropylene lining or acid resistant stainless steel material which is anti-corrosion and with good durability.

2.     High efficiency, reliable operation, low malfunction, easy maintenance.

3.     Special internal structure is designed for this fertilizer equipment according to certain technological requirements.

4.     With adoption of powder spraying technology or liquid coating technology, this drum coating equipment is helpful to prevent compound fertilizers from clotting or agglomeration.