Semi-wet material grinder

Organic fertilizer grinder; chicken, pig and cow manure grinder are also called professional semi-wet material grinder. It is a type of professional grinding equipment for processing the high humidity and multi fiber material.

What is semi-wet material grinder?

Organic fertilizer grinder; chicken, pig and cow manure grinder are also called professional semi-wet material grinder. It is a type of professional grinding equipment for processing the high humidity and multi fiber material.  The reason they are called semi-wet grinder is that during the production design, there are no screen mesh or grate bottom. As a result there is no blockage of the feeding port during the grinding process.  Besides, it can work under all kinds of weather condition even when it rains. There’s no limitation of requirements of the water content in the material, and the granularity of the discharged particles can be controlled well enough to fully meet the customers’ satisfaction. It is also called high humid material grinder, or coal gangue grinder.

Semi-wet material grinder is the professional grinder developed by our company’s researchers based on the adoption of the most advanced grinding technology from domestic and abroad and also meticulously made through many years of production experiences, repeated research, and improvements.  The semi-wet material grinder has resolved the conundrum of high humidity material grinding once and for all, and it is the first to be originated in China.


What for?

The semi-wet material grinder is usually used in the crushing process of the organic fertilizer production line, in which the compost lump materials should be grounded before the granulation process. The semi-wet material grinding machine is widely used as the specialized equipment for the grinding of the dead leaves, rural straw waste, sludge, the carbon mud, grass peat, industrial organic waste, biogas residue, MSW compost, and livestock breeding manure, herb residue, mushroom residue, sugarhouse, brewery and chemical plant production material. More specifically, the semi-wet material grinder is used in the following areas:

1.     The processing of chicken, pig and cow manure and other livestock manure after dry or wet fermentation.

2.     The dry block grinding of the organic matter in the sludge.

3.     The grinding of biogas residue in the marsh gas tank.

4.     The grinding of the MSW, it has particular good effect of grinding glass, broken ceramic, bricks and other hard material.

The semi-wet material grinder is a new type of high efficiency, single rotor, and reversible grinder. It has a strong adaptability to the materials’ water content, especially for the milling of fermented garbage compost and other material with a moisture rate 30%. This machine is most suitable to crush bio-fermented organic fertilizer raw material with a moisture rate of 25%-55%. The crushing granularity level has reached the granulation requirements (above 50 meshes), so that it can satisfy the size requirement of the feeding material for the fertilizer granulator. The crushing granularity can also be adjusted within certain range according to the customers’ special requirements. 

The machine is also used in mining, coal mine and metallurgy for fine grinding.

How to work?

Structure and working principle: This series of machine has two levels of grinding system, so it can produce finer product particles with a diameter of less than 3mm. The semi-wet material grinder uses high speed rotating blade. It has a good grinding fiber granularity, and high grinding efficiency. It has the best grinding effect on the fermented organic matter, and humic acid sodium.

The grinder is consisted of three main parts:

1.     Framework: the whole frameworks are welded together with fine carbon steel plates and U-steel, and are up to standard for the strict product certification and specific requirements of processing.

2.     Rotor grinding parts: the rotors of this machine have the structure of novel and reasonable design, it has better grinding effect comparing to other types of grinder. The material enters the grinding chamber through the inlet port,   after unceasingly grounded by the high strength blades, the granularity of the material particles will reach the standard requirements. Because there are propeller and slickers inside, crushed materials such as lees and corn grit will not stick to the wall.

3.     The transmission and connecting parts: The machine adopts soft belt transmission. The electric motors drives the belt pulley and the belt, then directly transmit to the main axis to make it rotating with high speed thus complete the function of grinding.

The semi-wet material grinder runs in two-stage grinding. It uses two sets of rotors which cascade with each other. The material grounded by the upper rotor will immediately be finely grounded again by the hammer head of the lower rotor which rotates in a high speed. In the inner cavity, the material particles collide rapidly with each other and crush into each other, so that we have the best working mode of hammer head crushing and material self-crushing. Finally, all finished products will be discharged from the outlet port.

The semi-wet material grinder adopts bidirectional gap adjustable technology. If the hammer has been abraded, there’s no need for repair, just move the position of the hammer and the machine can be used again. Adjusting the gap between the hammer head and the scale board can control the granularity of the material.


The greatest advantage of the semi-wet material grinder is that it can help shorten the production cycle of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer, reduce the equipment investment and save the running cost. It is indispensible equipment in the organic fertilizer production line.

1.     Large mixing quantity, strong pertinence, improved batching accuracy and simple product structure. It has overcome the shunt phenomenon caused by the different materials specific gravity and particle size in the downward flow process.

2.     There’s no screening design, hundreds of kinds of material can be ground without blockage. Even total wet material just picked up from the water can be ground without burn-out of the electric motor, and impede the production process.

3.     It uses high wear-resistant alloy hammer head, which significantly increased its service life.

4.     The machine adopts high technology content; only one man is needed for easy operation. It is not only safe and reliable, but also convenient to maintain.

5.     The semi-wet material grinder centralizes lubricating system and greasing, under the normal condition, there’s no need for stopping the machine when injecting the lubricant oil.