Disc Mixer

The disc mixer produced by our company is also called vertical fertilizer mixer or fertilizer disc pan mixing machine. In general, it is mainly used for mixing raw materials.

What is disc mixer?

The disc mixer produced by our company is also called vertical fertilizer mixer or fertilizer disc pan mixing machine. In general, it is mainly used for mixing raw materials. The disc mixer consists of stir plate, outlet, agitating shaft, mixing arm, rack, gearbox, motor, and cycloidal reducer. When used for organic or compound fertilizer production, it is also called fertilizer melangeur machine, manure mixer, pan type NPK fertilizer granule vertical mixer or fertilizer pan melangeur machine.  In both of the production line, it is placed before fertilizer granulator, to evenly and properly mix all kinds of raw materials before granulating.

The disc mixer is mainly applied to BB fertilizer and compound fertilizer plant. The fertilizer mixing machine can reach the industry norms and international specification, to evenly mix all kinds of raw materials before granulating. It can stand with wear and tear. According to its various and specific application fields, it can also be called disc animal feed mill, poultry waste grinder, or disc fertilizer Blender. This machine has been developed in the latest technology from the agricultural machinery research institute, and is used before granulation to all kinds of organic matter after fermentation. It breaks through the conventional organic prilling before granulation, needs not to dry and crush the raw materials. It can direct grind to work out cylindrical grain, which saves a lot of energy.


What for?

Basically, the vertical disc mixer is developed according to the needs of the fertilizer production. It is widely applied to mix and crush bulk powder materials, such as chemical powder, building clay, putty powder, mortar, slag, feed powder, coating and fertilizer, and etc. It is especially designed for producing compound fertilizer and BB fertilizer. And it is also suitable for urban and rural construction engineering.

In the fertilizer production line, after the fermentation of the raw material (such as manure), the manure looks in different forms, which is uneasy for use and sell. Using the disc mixer could mix it into small part which is convenient for granulating.

There are almost 20 elements necessary or beneficial for plant growth and blooming, such as nitrogen, phosphors, potassium and etc. The users need to add the element they need, depend on what kind of plant they are growing. If the user is growing more than one sort of plant, using the mixer will enable them to choose different kinds of element they would like to add in the fertilizer more efficiently.

It can also be used for the raw material mixing at all kinds of production sites, such as mixing fertilizer, feed, powder, grains, chemical, pharmacy and building material coating industry ect..It is mainly designed for rural farms, small farms, and small and medium-sized feed and it can produce gunk, concentrate feed and full price powder.

How to work?

 The structure and working principle: the fertilizer disc mixer is consisted of three major parts:

1.     The rack parts: all operating parts of the machine are installed on the rack; the racks of this machine are all welded from fine carbon steel board and U-bar. They have passed the strict product quality authentification and specific processing requirement, thus achieve the purpose of using the machine. 

2.     Transmission connection parts: The machine adopts the cycloidal-pin wheel reducer to drive the main shaft to rotate. The main working parts adopts nylon pin, using transmission connector for driving, which makes it convenient for assemble and maintenance.

3.     Mixing work parts: The drive pulley drives the main shaft through the pin coupling. The materials are mixed evenly in the mixing chamber, and the material residue is reduced enormously as well.

After the mixer starts under a full load, it will be slowed down by the cycloidal reducer, then drives the main shaft. In turn, the main shaft drives the stirrer gear to mix the raw materials. More specifically, the raw material will enter the vertical screw conveyor through the feed bin of the inner spiral mixer, then the mixed material will be lifted up to the top through upward spiral movement, and then they are thrown out in a umbels pattern. The material will be falling around the cylinder. The thrown material will fall into a gap of the mixer’s bottom, and automatically enter vertical spiral conveyor to be lifted and mixed again. The raw material will be on the roll agitation, and can evenly mix large amount of raw material in a short time.

Finished materials will be discharged from the outlet of the disc, and falling on the belt conveyor. And then materials will be granulated by the granulator.


Our company will always make extensive collection of customer’s opinion when undertaking processing equipment design and production stage, especially when considering facade layout. Not only will we consider customers’ site conditions and the public works requirements, but also will we ensure the best of the product quality as well as the optimized combination. By using the optimum quality material and leading technology, this disc mixer reaches the industry norms and international specifications.

Our product has the prominent features of long service life, high-efficiency, competitive price, easy-operation, and small foot print, save energy and electricity, small investment, economical and practical, convenient maintenance, good adaptability to different working conditions, stable performance, overload protection, easy to control, save time and effort, mixing fast and uniform.

1.     This mixer adopts the latest rotor structure, the gap between disc body and disc bottom is close to zero, which effectively reduced the material residue.

2.     The pan mixer adopts polypropylene plate or stainless steel inner lining, which prevents raw materials from adhering on the wall, and has better abrasion resistance. 

3.     Adopting cyloidal pin gear speed reducer, improving mix uniformity, discharging conveniently and compacting structure.

4.     High efficiency: this fertilizer mixer is specially designed for compound fertilizer production. With advantages of high-speed to load materials and less time of mixing, it can achieve continuous work with high-efficiency, thus it is very suitable for large scale fertilizer production.

5.     Low noise, the machine use reducer to drive, work stable, and low noise.

6.     After fermentation organics don't need to dry, moisture of the raw material can be in 20%-40%.

7.     More reasonable body design, excellent in shape. It can either work independently or matched with fertilizer plant.