Chain Mill

Chain mill is a type of crushing and grinding equipment used for the breaking of block material in the compound fertilizer production process.

What is chain mill?

Chain mill is a type of crushing and grinding equipment used for the breaking of block material in the compound fertilizer production process. Chain mill belongs to the impact crusher. It breaks the material using the impact force produced by the high speed rotation of the chains. According to the installment methods, chain mill can be divided into two types: vertical chain mill and horizontal chain mill.

LP series of chain mill are used more in the organic fertilizer production process than in the mining industry; however, it is still widely used in  chemical, construction material, mining and other industry.


What for?

The newly developed LP series of vertical chain mill with three in one structure of blade, chains, and hammer head have been widely used in the production of organic fertilizer, bio-organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer and other raw material. This series of machine is most suitable for materials which have a water content of about 20%-50%. It is the best choice of crushing equipment for the raw material fermentation.

The technological improvements have enabled the vertical chain mill to finely grind hard material in municipal domestic waste and organic fertilizer including glass, ceramic, bricks, broken stone, sludge, straw and rice husk. In the production of organic fertilizer and compost, it can shorten the time of production flow, reduce the equipment investment, and save the running cost. It is the ideal mechanical equipment for the fertilizer production and processing plant. The chain mill can crush all kinds of block fertilizer and other block material with medium hardness. It can crush non-dewatering calcium phosphate fertilizer and phosphorous and potassium fertilizer which contain 6% free acid, and 14% of water content. It has overcome the main shortcoming that comes with the use of general vertical chain mill and other chain mill in the phosphate compound fertilizer plant during the production process, which is the sudden stop of production caused by the material sticking to the hull’s inner wall.

How to work?

The machine adopts high strength wear-resisting carbide chain plate of synchronous speed, reasonable inlet and outlet design, fine and even crushing techniques, non-easily sticking to the wall, and is very convenient to clean up.

Structure and working principle: Vertical chain mill has single motor, horizontal chain mill has double rotors. The main working parts of the chain mill are the steel rotors of the ring chain. One end of the ring is connected with the rotor, the other end is connected with the ring chain head made of wear-resisting steel. The chain mill belongs to the impact crushing machine, which pounds and crushes the block material through high speed rotating chains. To prevent material paste and steel board friction, there’s rubber board inside the machine as the inner lining. On the two sides of the machine there are access doors. The engine body and the transmission device are installed on a steel basement. Under the pedestal there’s shock absorber connecting to the base. All those designs have finely reduced the rate of potential safety hazard during the operation, and ensured the smooth running of the machine.

4~8 group of multi row chains are hanged over the two rotors, the rotors are installed parallel in the hull, they each has their own electric motor driving and rotating towards each other. When the rotors are rotating with high speed, the chains are radiating to around under the centrifugal force, the added material are constantly hit by the chains and crushing into each other. The crushed material will be discharged from the outlet of the gap between two rotors. The size of the finished material can be adjusted through the number of the chains used. When the machine is fully loaded with chains, the material can be crushed into a size less than 1mm.   


This LP series of chain mill have the main features of large production capacity, high efficiency, convenient operation, and easy maintenance.

1.     The vertical chain mill went through some technology improvements, including the improvement of number and configuration of the hammer head, so that the crushing effect is better.

2.     Improved the angle design of the inlet port, so that there’s no longer material paste in the port.

3.     Improved the outlet design, increase gas outlets to draw out the dust and reduce the air pollution.

4.     The chain mill can change the phosphate compound fertilizer crushing process into continuous production process during the phosphate compound fertilizer production line, and subsequently increased the production efficiency.

5.     When the material enters the engine body, it will break up into two streams and fall into the rotors. The rotors will rotate with high speed through the transmission from the electric motor and conveying belt. The rotors and the electric motor are installed on the lower hull, the rotors are sealed inside the upper and lower hull. It is very convenient to clean, observe and repair the machine by just open up the two side caps.

6.     The principle axis is supported by the adjustable mandrel on the two bearing pedestals. On the main axis there are chain seats. The ring chains are installed through the chain seats. The chain seats can protect the main axis from corrosion and damage.

7.     The customers should repair and maintain the machine periodically. It will not only increase the service life of the equipment, but also create more economical value for the customers.