BB Fertilizer Blending Equipment

The full name for BB fertilizer is “bulk blending fertilizer”.

What is BB fertilizer blending equipment?

 The full name for BB fertilizer is “bulk blending fertilizer”. It is the mixture of straight fertilizers (or compound fertilizer) of certain proportions. Its main feature is that the proportions of N, P, K and other microelements are easily adjusted, so that we can produce specific fertilizer of various standards according to the customers’ requirements, thus it is more suitable for soil testing and formulated fertilization.

The BB fertilizer blending equipment is the main device of the BB fertilizer production line. It is consisted of hoisting system, high precision hybrid system, storage system, framework and electronic control system. It adopts positive and negative transfer, and uses the particular inner spiral structure and special three-dimensional structure to stir and push out material.

Our company had made independent and thorough market research, summarized the advanced experience, overcome the disadvantages from other manufacturers, and absorbed domestic and foreign solid composting technology, then developed this new generation of practical fertilizer processing equipment using the industrial stainless steel. The BB fertilizer blending equipment  is the most ideal choice for the manufacturers.


What for?

The BB fertilizer blending equipment Is a new high efficiency mixing equipment. It has been widely used for the solid-solid(powder-powder) mixing and solid-slurry(powder-syrup) mixing in chemical industry, compound fertilizer, dye, paint, rubber, building material, refractory material, tombarthite, plastic, glass and the nuclear material.

The BB fertilizer blending machine uses mixing method to make BB fertilizer. The main requirements for the base fertilizer are even granularity, low water content, good particle strength, and no caking during storage. The fertilizer raw material used for making BB fertilizer requires grain size consistency, which means not only the grain size upper-lower limit is identical, but also the granular distributions are similar. So, to analyze the grain size and distribution of various materials before the mixing has become an important step to ensure the quality of the BB fertilizer.

The BB fertilizer blending equipment can calculate the requisite amount and proportion of different nutrients according to the soil nutrient status, crop fertilizer demand, and characteristics and target productivity of different areas for fertilizer sales. After mechanical blending, usually the finished product can be stored for a long time without special packaging. The finished fertilizer can be used directly in the field.

The BB fertilizer blending machine produced by our company can also be used together with the dust remover of organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer and thermal power plant. It can also be used in chemical industry, metallurgy, mining and building materials.

How to work?

The BB fertilizer blending machine uses a shaft retrofitting with a spiral leaf to rotate, and adds water to stir when feeding powder material, so that the dry ash materials are humidified evenly, and the humidified material will not emit dry ash or ooze water.

The BB fertilizer blending machine with duplex structure has even better mixing rate and production efficiency. Single bag metering, mixing range is adjustable between 20~60 kg. The performing structure adopts pneumatic drive and polarized feeding; the system also adopts shock treatment and multilevel filter, all kinds of material can be measured independently or cumulatively, and the materials have their own rough measurement, precise measurement or overshoot compensation. Thus the whole system ensures the measuring accuracy. The measurement scale can be divided into single hopper and multi scale according to different model types. For the mixing of materials, there’re single mixing tank and double mixing tank for selection.


The BB fertilizer complete production line sets batching, mixing and packaging as a whole, it is particularly good for the batching and mixing of BB fertilizer. When mixing the material, all material will be lard into the lifting hopper, then raised and discharged into packing scale bunker. It has overcome the chromatography and shunt phenomenon caused by the differences of materials’ gravity and granularity, and increased batching accuracy. Furthermore, it has minimized the influence of material characteristics, mechanical vibration, air pressure, voltage fluctuation, cold weather and other factors to the machine.

The whole set of equipment corners of materials are all made from corrosion resisting stainless steel and carbon steel. The spiral leaves are made from high wear-resistance special alloy. This machine has novel design and high practicability. Its charging system does not stock materials. These are the features which make the machine distinct from other similar products:

1.     This set of equipment has the advantages of low price, small floor place, large production capacity, long service life and uniform mixing.

2.     The control cabinet uses anticorrosive paint, the power of the BB fertilizer blender can be adjusted to adapt to the bad working condition in chemical plant and fertilizer factory etc..

3.     High performance control system: superior batching control function, full Chinese display, humanized user interface, and easy, intuitive operation. The maximum storage of formulas is 32 types, and the formulas can be revised arbitrarily according to customers’ requirements; It has automatic null tracking, rough measurement, automatic drop compensation, automatic overshoot determination, modification and fault alarm.

4.     Full automatic production: it is consisted of automatic batching system, automatic mixing system, and quantitative packaging system. It uses computer control system, which has significantly reduced labor force and labor intensity. It also uses static batching, which leads to precise metering. The error of every material after electronic quantitative packaging is less than one in a thousand.

5.     Reasonable structure. Feeding and batching are both operated on the ground, which is safe and convenient, and ensures the feeding speed effectively.

6.     Gravity packing and continuous production.

7.     It has low power consumption(15kw), low energy consumption (0.3 kilowatt –hour/t) .

8.      Reducer for transmission, smooth rotation, low noise; all interfaces are sealed tightly together, ensures stable operation.

9.     There are several openings on the machine, convenient for repairing and cleaning .Easy operation and maintenance.

10.   Long service life: The machine can be used under high temperature and humidity environment of the south, and also the alpine conditions of the north, which exhibits high stability of the machine.

The BB fertilizer blending machine produced by our company is designed flexibly; it can meet the needs of all kinds of fertilizer production factories of large, medium, and small sizes.