Cow Muck Granulator

Introduction of Cow Muck Granulator:

Bio-organic fertilizer granulator is one of our country promote new energy fertilizers, which combines the advantages of organic fertilizer granulator, highlight the its advantages in production. It have many advantages, such as a wide range of raw materials, simple operation, low investment, high yield, and green non-polluting,etc. Organic fertilizer dedicated granulator is used for a variety of organic compounds in the fermentation after granulation, to break through the conventional organic granulation process. Before granulation, without drying the raw material, crushing, and the ingredients can be processed out spherical particle directly, so it can save a lot of energy.

The advantages of bio-organic fertilizer:

1. Organic fertilizer granulation have a biological and enzymes, which can enhance the land's biological activity, increase soil nutrients, and improve the soil pH to make soil suitable for a variety of agricultural to grow.
2. The nutritional organic fertilizer of organic fertilizer granulator is strong. if you put in uniformly, you can not use additional other fertilizers at least more than 100 days, this effect can not be replaced by any fertilizer.
3. Organic fertilizer granulator can be added in the production of drugs out of the bugs, to reduce disease and pest rodent.
4. The nutrition of organic fertilizer that produced by organic fertilizer granulator is comprehensive, and in addition to containing NPK three nutrition elements, as well as rich in calcium, magnesium and silicon, etc. These can change the soil composition, conducive to crop growth.
Cow muck granulator is a granulator, which is compact, high efficiency, low energy consumption, the effort of the provincial people. The device is based on cow dung, sheep manure, mushroom, distiller's grains and other raw materials to produce organic fertilizer.

The main parameters:

Yield (T/h) 1.5-2
Forming rate(%) > 95
Particle diameter(mm) 2-20
Installed power(kw) 37

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