Organic Fertilizer Spherical Pellet Machine

Introduction of Organic fertilizer spherical pellet machine:

On the basis of KP-350 pellet machine,our company match adapted thrown round device,to make cylindrical particles into ball for once,this is organic fertilizer spherical particles pellet machine, no return tablets, high balling rate, high strength, beauty and applicable, so it is the organic fertilizer (bio) spherical particles ideal equipment.

Organic fertilizer pellet machine parameters:
Model KP-400C
Production(T/H) 1.8-2.5
success rate(%) >95
temperature rise of the particles(℃) <30
particle diameter(mm) 3.5-5.5
Installed power(KW) 33
Installed weight(Kg) 1200
Overall Dimensions(mm) 2100*2150*1700
Adaptation Fertilizer and feed

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