Organic Fertilizer Granulation machine

Introduction of Organic Fertilizer Granulation machine:
1.Organic fertilizer granulator machine dry into dry out, without drying (raw water of not less than 13%). Organic fertilizer granulator using differential haste, universal joint drive with motor or diesel.Low consumption, high output, easy to operate. 

2, Extrusion granulation, polishing integer new technology, organic fertilizer granulation to produce spherical variety of pellet feed, organic and inorganic fertilizers, bio-organic fertilizer; particles uniform, smooth, round. High strength, good liquidity.

3, The organic fertilizer granulation machine use a unique process of triple machine once the low-temperature drying, cooling, screen the whole process, less equipment investment, low running costs. The survival rate of microorganisms is greater than 90%.

4, It are widely used in the granulation of organic waste of animal husbandry and brewing, sugar refining, paper, pharmaceutical, tobacco factory and other industries, organic fertilizer granulator plant breeding, feed mill organic fertilizer production enterprises preferred equipment.

The features of efficient organic fertilizer granulating machine:
The machine has good looks, the structure is simple, operation and maintenance is simple, safe, reliable, small size, light weight, users do not need special training to learn a little look at the manual to operate.
2.The aircraft has a strong anti-super-powers in the processing of particles, stuffy even in the case of a fully loaded car, do not have to set up a separate feeding device.
The machine has a multifunctional characteristics can produce feed, fertilizer production period, solve the problem of a machine for six months free.
3.Small power production, it is bio-organic fertilizer plant, feed mill, agricultural and pastoral works, sewage treatment plants, rural, town, village, farmers entrepreneurial small and medium-sized ideal equipment.

Technical parameters:




Motor model



Model of speed reducer Inclination angle of disc

Rotate speed of disc




KHY2200 3-5 Y132M-4 7.5 JZQ400 45-55° 13.3 2850
KHY2500 4-6 Y132M-4 7.5 JZQ400 45-55° 13.3 3250
KHY2800 5-8 Y132M-4 7.5 JZQ450 45-55° 13.3 3710
KHY3000 8-12 Y160M-4 11 JZQ500 45-55° 11.3 4350
KHY3200 10-15 Y160M-4 11 JZQ500 45-55° 11.3 5110
KHY3600 15-25 Y160M-4 15 JZQ600 45-55° 10.0 6510
KHY4200 20-30 Y180M-4 18.5 JZQ600 45-55° 10.0 9050
KHY4500 25-40 Y180M-4 22 JZQ750 45-55° 9.6 16700

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