New Organic Fertilizer Granulating machine

Introduction of New Organic fertilizer granulating machines:
Organic fertilizer granulating machines are the latest technology products, developed by the Institute of Agricultural Machinery through fertilizer processing equipment design and production experience for many years, and have been gained the national utility model patents. This machine are used to granulate all kinds of fermented organics, and break through conventional granulation process. The raw materials don't need to dry and crush before granulation, direct ingredients can be processed into spherical particles, saving a lot of energy.

New organic fertilizer granulator's features:
1. Production particles are spherical.
2. Organic content can be as high as 100%, achieving pure organics granulation.
3. Under a certain force, organic particles can mutually mosaic and grow up. Take advantage of this characteristic, don't need to add binder during granulation.
4. Solid particles, after granulation, they can screening, reduce drying energy consumption.
5. Fermented organics don't need to be dried, the raw materials containing water may be 20-40%.

New organic fertilizer granulator Applications:
1. Manure organic fertilizer disc granulation process
2. Sludge bio-organic fertilizer disc granulation process
3.Livestock manure organic microbial fertilizer disc granulation process
4. Livestock manure organic fertilizer disc granulation process
5. Cow dung organic fertilizer disc granulation process
6. Chicken manure organic fertilizer disc granulation process
7. Industrial waste organic fertilizer disc granulation process

New organic fertilizer granulating machine's main technical parameters:


Production Capacity




YSL—40 1—1.5 22
YSL—60 1.5—2 30
YSL—80 2—4 45
YSL—100 4—6 55
YSL—120 6—8 75

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