Flat Membrane Granulating Machine

Introduction of Flat membrane granulating machine:
Multifunction flat membrane granulating machine can produce pelleting organic fertilizer, can produce cylindrical particles, can also be connected polishing equipment, the cylindrical particles are rolling into ball, no return tablets, high balling rate, good strength and beauty, for the production of organic fertilizer, feed grain production it is the ideal equipment.

Features of Flat membrane granulating machine:
1. It use pressure roller, and both sides line speed is same with the mold plate inner and the outer ring, there are no friction of wheel and the dislocation, reducing drag, reducing the kinetic energy loss, to extend the life of the mold, reducing the production cost.
2. Roller set uniform, smooth operation, while increasing the suppression area, improving the production efficiency.
3. using the screw central regulator structure, mold gap can adjust small and big, the application of different materials ensure the suppression effect.
4. The machine has Φ1.5-Φ20mm diameter molds, adapted to different materials for granulation, to achieve the best efficiency.

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