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Malaysia customer visit our compound fertilizer equipment pl

One customer Mak JY from Malaysia visited our compound fertilizer equipment plant at May 26, 2015.
He browsed our website at April 2th, 2015 and had a rough idea about the compound fertilizer production line. And he send us one message, the content was the following:
Do you supply and install to plants located in Malaysia?
Please contact me for a new fertiliser plant project.
For your information, I speak and write Mandarin language.
Thank you."
Our salemen replied him quickly, through half a month of communication, he came to our factory for visiting and testing our fertilizer equipments.
The following pictures are the photos:
compound fertilizer equipmentcompound fertilizer equipment
Compound fertilizer production process mainly mix uniformly organic solid waste contenting below 60% water content and accessories (plant straw, etc.), microbial fermentation agent. Through aerobic pool type continuous fermentation to make the full maturity, sterilization, deodorization, water. After decomposition the material moisture content generally is 30-35%. After screening and magnetic separation can be directly used to granulate production ball type organic fertilizer, or after further drying produce powder organic fertilizer.
The technological process of compound fertilizer can be divided into: raw material ingredients, raw materials mixing, raw material granulation, granule drying, particle cooling, particle classification, finished coating, final product packaging.
Henan Kefan is the professional fertilizer equipments supplier, not only produce various of fertilizer machines, but also design different capacity fertilizer production line according to users' need. If you have any need, pls contact us by E-mail:melody.zhan@kf-machinery.com

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