Tough Turning Machine


Introduction of tough turning machine: 
This machine is suitable for livestock and poultry manure, sludge water, sugar filter mud cake and straw residue worse sawdust and other organic waste fermentation turning, is widely used in organic fertilizer plants, fertilizer plants, sludge garbage plants, gardening field and mushroom cultivation of plants and other fermentation composting operations and removal of moisture.

Application of  trough turning polishing machine:

Applies to aerobic fermentation. fermentation room with solar energy, fermentation tank, and supporting the use of transitional machine. With the transitional machinery and the use of a machine can be realized with multi-slot functionality. Fermenter and its supporting material can also be a continuous bulk discharge. High efficiency, smooth operation, strong and durable, even turning throw.

Centralized control, which can realize manual or automatic control function. Equipped with soft starter, start-up impact load low. Dial tooth with hydraulic lifting system. Dial teeth strong and durable, the material has a certain breaking and mixing unctions.Limit ravel switch, play safe and limit the role of.

Technical Parameters:

Type FJ6000*1050 FJ6000*1350
Power(kw) 25.74 41.5
speed(m/h) 50 50
No-load Speed(m/h) 100 100
Fermentation Tank Dimension(mm) 6000*1050 6000*1050
size(mm) 6670*3920*2740 6700*4800*3200
height of stirring teeth raising(mm) 3400 4500

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