Rotary Coating Machine

Introduction of rotary coating machine:
Rotary coating machine equipment by a screw conveyor, mixing tank, pump, and other components host talcum powder or liquid with a powder coating process. Can effectively prevent caking of compound fertilizer. Within the host or acid-resistant stainless steel lined with polypropylene.

Features of rotary coating machine:
The device according to process requirements, the internal structure made a special design, is an effective fertilizer special equipment.
Technical parameters of rotary coating machine:

Specification Barrel capacity power
  Diameter Length Angle speed    
mm mm mm ( 0 ) r./min t/h kw
BM1200×4000 1200 4000 3 14 5 5.5
BM1400×4000 1400 4000   13 7 7.5
BM1600×6000 1600 6000     15 11
BM1800×8000 1800 8000     30 15

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