Organic Fertilizer Compost Turner Machine

Organic fertilizer compost turner machine
Biological organic fertilizer turner machine is a special equipment for production bio organic fertilizer, the machine takes the four-wheel round design, can move forward, backward, turning, swerve, driven by one person. Driving a car ride cross the elongated base fertilizer in the first piled up, fitted by the rack hanging tool axis of rotating knife shaft for base fertilizer raw materials to stir, fluffy, shift reactor, after the car across form new bar crib heap, Can be in the open field, but also in the workshop for operations. The machine has big technological breakthrough in the integration of the material fermentation late stage of broken functions. With the gradual dehydration of the material, the cutter shaft matched crushing equipments can effectively break up the plate, which is formed in the process of fermentation, not only eliminates a mill, but also greatly improves the efficiency and reduces the cost, fundamentally solved the problem of the production subjected to the mill.
Characteristics of organic fertilizer turner machine:
(1) the advanced fermentation technology takes the microbial oxygen consumption self turner machine, which is designed according to the principle of oxygen consumption, so that the fermenting bacteria have the space to make full use of its function.
(2) it is more suitable for the mechanism and process requirements of the microbial fermentation poultry manure, and can effectively make combine the thick storage poultry manure mix with microbial preparation and straw powder. To create better aerobic environment for material fermentation. The cow dung in the loose material properties, fermentation temperature control in 60-70 degree can be maintained for 3-4 days.
(3) overall dynamic equilibrium is suitable, low energy consumption, large output, reducing the bio organic fertilizer production costs, according to machine technical parameters calculation, the minicomputer per hour can stir fresh cow dung 600-800 cubic (equal to 100 people work tireless effort).
(4) overall structure of the machine is reasonable, the whole machine is rigid, the force balance, concise, strong, safe and reliable, easy to control, strong applicability, in addition to the robust rack, parts are standard parts, using maintenance convenient.
Application range of organic fertilizer fermentation turning machine:
(1) the work site must be flat, solid, in working area there cannot be more than 50mm convex operation area.
(2) strip material: the width can not exceed the width, height can be appropriately increased within 100mm, the length is not limited.
(3) materials' two ends are not less than 10 metres vacant land for steering, pile spacing is above 1 meters.
(4) the machine belongs to the walking type turning machinery, can not be used as a walking vehicle and truck.

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