Computer Packing Scale


Introduction of Computer Packing Scale:
Computer Packing Scale Scope: For organic fertilizer,fertilizer, animal feed in order to have food, chemical, light industry, building materials industry automatic quantitative packing powder material.

Computer Packing Scale Features:

1.High precision:Use high-precision weighing controller,and good reliability. Overall good, small footprint,flexible and convenient installation.
2.Speed adjustable: powder feeding device class manner screw feeder,plus fast,slow plus feeding through the controller to achieve,the feeding speed can be set arbitrarily. 3.Environmental Action:closed circulating system to prevent dust emissions,improve the working environment, protect the health of employees.
4.Reasonable structure:compact structure, small size, according to user requirements made ​​of a fixed or movable body.

Computer quantitative packing scale main technical parameters:

No Name Technical parameters DCS-25F
1 Computer weigher range(kg) 10-25
    speed (bag/h) 200—3000
    tolerance 0.2%
    power 2.2KW
    Air supply 0.4-0.6Mpa,0.1m3/min
    Weight(kg) 500
2 Weighing control instrument   GM8804C
3 Folder bag institutions Weight(kg) 60
4 Conveyor Distance(m) 2.0
    Power(kw) 0.37
    Weight( kg) 240
5 Sealer Power(kw) 0.55
    Weight(kg) 100
6 size Size(mm) 2332*1225*1058
    Weight(kg) 450

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