Urea-based Spray Granulation System

Urea-based Spray Granulation System
With urea as the main source of nitrogen, this Urea-based spray granulation system dissolves the urea by dissolving tank and mixes it with the fresh and returned materials by the way of whitewashing. In the production, the urea is both the raw material and the liquid binder in the granulating process; the urea also provides certain heat quantity to heat the material and make the moisture reach the minimum standard so as to facilitate the process of balling and drying.
This technology makes the high-urea formula production originally hard to control very very simple and improve greatly the qualities—the output rises nearly 30% and the N content rises 23%-25%. In the meantime, the strength and smoothness of the fertilizer grain are also strengthened. This machine belongs to stainless steel and can reach the output of 20-200 thousand tons and the old production line can be ungraded and improved.
Application and features:
It uses urea as the main source of nitrogen, through the dissolved slot molten urea in spray way to mix the fresh material returnedi. In the granulation process urine is not only a kind of raw material, but also a liquid, binder participation granulation, and provides a certain quantity of heat heating material, making the granulation water up to the minimum and facilitating drying process into a ball.
This process makes original high production process difficult to control become simple, and the product quality has very big improvement, increased by nearly 30%, N content of 23% 25%. And this also increased fertilizer particle strength and fruity degrees.This equipment is stainless steel products,  with the capacity of 2-200000 tons, and can also be upgrading old production line.
Technology parameters:
Model FLR1 FLR2 FLR3
Production Capacity(t/h) 2.5-3 4-5 8-10
Steam Consumption(Kg) 720 1500 3200
Steam Pressure(Mpa)   0.6  

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