Organic Fertilizer Production Line

Organic Fertilizer Production Line
Organic fertilizer rich in organic matter, can provide nutrients for crops, also improve soil fertility. A wide variety of organic fertilizer, raw material is very extensive, fertilizer is also changing. It provides the necessary crop nutrients, full of nutrients, it contains 16 kinds of essential crop nutrients, crop growth also contain other beneficial elements, fully promote crop growth, nutrient release even longer, organic fertilizer nutrients contained mostly organic state form, can slow release, long-term supply of crop nutrients. Organic fertilizer can improve soil structure enhanced soil fertility, organic fertilizer to increase soil water holding capacity, and can be increased by 10 times, there are good drainage, so they can ease the difference between wet and dry soil, crop root environment will not over- big or too small.
Our factory is a professional fertilizer production line manufacturer,in which organic fertilizer equipment products are produced fresh chicken manure as raw material, without any chemical ingredients, and chickens, pigs, poor digestion, can only consume 25% of the nutrients, and feed another 75% of the nutrients excreted, so that the finished dry nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, organic matter, amino acids, proteins and other ingredients. Chicken manure dryer both for enterprises to create economic benefits, but also for humanity made great contributions to environmental projects.

Organic fertilizer production line flow chart:
Organic fertilizer production line flow chart

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