Automatic BB Fertilizer Blending Machine

Automatic BB fertilizer blending machine

1, executive body with pneumatic drive, the size of the two feed a variety of materials measured separately, the measurement of speed;
2, the two shock processing, multi-level filtering technology, an accurate measurement;
3, the automatic control, high-speed 485 or 232 interface, the maximum storage of 36 kinds of formulations, intelligent, easy to operate;
4, automatic batching, mixing, packaging, mixing evenly, compact packaging, there is no packaging process due to the material of the particles ranging from material separation phenomena, any adjustment of the bag compounding the range of 10 to 60kg, a wide range of applications;
5, save energy and low power consumption, the power of the equipment package is less than 10KW, the measurement of accurate consumption;
6, small footprint, the equipment package covers an area of 25-50 square meters.
Automatic BB fertilizer blending machine's application:
Fertilizers, chemicals, feed, cement and other industries in a variety of non-sticky muddy powder, granular materials quantitative ingredients Hunban the packaging.
Technology parameters:
Model Production Capacity(T/h) Measurement Range(kg) Measurement Precision(%) Work Power(V) Air(Mpa)
BB-0 3-6 10-50 0.2 220/380 0.6-0.8
BB-1 9-18 10-50 0.2 220/380 0.6-0.8
BB-2 18-30 10-50 0.2 220/380 0.6-0.8

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