30000t/y organic fertilizer production line to Malaysia

 The world for many years due to long-term use of chemical fertilizers, lack of organic fertilizer, all kinds of nutrient imbalance. The farmland ecological environment, soil physical and chemical properties and soil microbial area are  all different degrees of damage, to a certain extent, affected the production and safety of agricultural products. Due to land limited and higher health awareness, using organic fertilizer to develop agriculture has been the international trend.

Organic fertilizer contains a lot of biological material, animal and plant residues, waste. Applying organic fertilizer not only can offer comprehensive nutrition for crops, and long fertilizer effect, and to improve soil fertility, can increase and update the soil organic matter, promote microbial breeding, improving soil physical and chemical properties and biological activity, it's the main nutrients source of green food production. 
In the end of April, Malaysia's customers purchases from our company with annual output of 30000tons of organic fertilizer production line. Having automatic batching machine, mixer, organic fertilizer pellet equipment, organic fertilizer dryer, cooler, screening machine, coating machine, automatic packaging machine, conveyor and so on a full set of equipment.